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Guide Clients Through Sight-Unseen Offers

The state of commerce mirrors the times: instant gratification, tech-driven, and globally connected. Real estate rides that tide, too. Although you can’t yet buy a house on, 92 percent of buyers use the Internet in their home search process, according to data from the National Association of REALTORS®’ 2015 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers.
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Give Agents the Tools to Prioritize Clients

Broker to Broker hears from Kelly Yock, president, and Steve Nassar, vice president of sales and marketing, at Premiere Property Group in Portland, Ore., in part three of a four-part series on how to build a client-centric culture. As leaders of the second largest real estate company in the Portland, Ore., area, Kelly Yock and Steve Nassar operate on the belief that the support and services they provide to their agents will translate into top-notch service for their clients.
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Give Today’s Customers What They Expect

Find out why Nelson Goulart, broker-owner of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Signature Service outside Toronto, swears by the power of ratings and reviews in part four of a four-part series on building a client-centric culture. Eat out; leave a review on Yelp. Stay at a hotel; leave a review on TripAdvisor.
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Five Things to Consider When Comparing Health Insurance Plans

Whether you’re in good health naturally or you rely on medication and specialists to stay that way, finding the right health insurance plan is key—and you could pay a penalty if you don’t have it. If you’re self-employed, your employer doesn’t offer health insurance, or even if you simply think you might be better off on a different plan than what your employer offers, you may find yourself buying individual health insurance.
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How to Build a Client-Centric Culture

It seems too obvious: In real estate, put clients first. But sometimes the day-to-day grind can distract from this mantra. Broker-owners across the nation recognize the importance of prioritizing clients’ best interests as a foundation for their agency culture. In resurging markets across the country, agency leaders are sharing their tips for keeping clients’ needs as their unwavering North Star.
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Serving Clients: Focus on Details (and Happiness)

In the second of a four-part series on building a client-centric culture, we meet Patricia Choi, president and principal of Choi International in Honolulu. Patricia Choi leads by a well-honed example that amplifies her natural charm, which she credits to her southern upbringing. This native of Birmingham, Ala., moved to Hawaii in 1975, and believes in empowering her agents and clients with choice.
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Eat, Pray, Love Under The Tuscan Sun

I live where bravery and foolishness blur. The coordinates, a Zen treehouse in Hawaii.
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Brokerage Looks Forward to 100 More Years

Jennings Realty didn’t just survive the Great Recession – the Chicago-based brokerage survived the Great Depression. Now, as the owners of this family-run real estate company are celebrating its 100th anniversary, they have no doubt of another 100 years ahead. The secret to Jennings Realty’s longevity: diversification, hiring great people, and having tough conversations.
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In Hawaii, Taking A Chance to Reset

I left corporate success and a distracted life to freelance write, run an Airbnb and slow down, in hope of a more conscious future. Rainbows show themselves in the morning rain; the view from the Zen tree house main lanai (porch), with Pearl Harbor in the distance. A week ago, I left Chicago indefinitely for an island and place I knew only through pictures from the friend renting this retreat to me.
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La Grange Park's President Looks to 2011 for Harmony

La Grange Park President Jim Discipio thinks the village could use a little harmony in 2011. Skeptics might say harmony has little chance, what with an election approaching between two full slates of candidates, one headed by incumbent Trustee Tim Hayes, who did not receive the La Grange Park Caucus endorsement for reelection.


Reporter, Chicago Tribune Magazine, Issue 12/14/08
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He Said, She Said: Sexism Avoided in Debate

by Beth Palmer Oct. 4, 20 ST. LOUIS - The man is from Delaware, the woman is from Alaska. Maybe not Mars and Venus, but the stark differences in age and experience between Democrat Joseph R. Biden Jr. and Republican Sarah Palin had both sides worried before Thursday night's debate - the only meeting of the vice presidential candidates.
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Beth Shea Palmer

Marketing and communications professional specializing in omnichannel personalization, email campaign management, technical project management and journalism.

Implemented several technically-complex, first-of-their-kind marketing initiatives globally at Nike. Built ecommerce startup from ground up as key member of small team at Okanjo. Launched first-of-its-kind hyperlocal news site in major market and maintained high engagement for The Huffington Post.

B2C omnichannel personalization, B2C & B2B email campaigns, B2B & B2C copywriting, technical and news project management, CMS/social media/mulitmedia management, content creation and coordination, news reporting and editing.

Certona, Salesforce, Wordpress, MailChimp, Basecamp, Bluecore, Microsoft Suite, Adobe Suite, Jira, Smartsheet, Asana, social media and social media reporting tools like Chartbeat. In addition, trained on many proprietary CMS, database and reporting tools.

B.A., Journalism, Columbia College Chicago ('08). Concentration: reporting on health, science and environment. Associate editor, award-winning college newspaper, The Columbia Chronicle.

Volunteer for advancement in equal pay; tech education; my hometown, Chicago. Failing but interested vegan. Severe news junkie. Prefer bicycle and public transit commutes. Runner/yogi/meditator. Motivation: family, friends, colleagues, and relationships made in travels all over the world.

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